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laxxe23: Shore sea the by down shells sea sells she Sept 12, 2015 23:50:25 GMT -5
Daxtron: That rather interesting article you posted a short while ago is now fixed laxxe ;) Sept 15, 2015 0:19:57 GMT -5
laxxe23: what article? also why the hell did i post that in the shout box.... i really need to hide my phone or something at night Sept 15, 2015 6:23:08 GMT -5
GettinCocky: Amnesia Dark Descent is Free today... http://store.steampowered.com/app/57300/ Sept 15, 2015 20:05:48 GMT -5
laxxe23: dammit, might be allergic to leather, all my chairs are leather recliners... explains a few things though Sept 17, 2015 17:07:03 GMT -5
laxxe23: guys i have something important to say, ive been meaning to say for a while laxxe.tumblr.com im sorry, dan this also applies to you a lot Sept 18, 2015 13:57:29 GMT -5
yodixy: how do i get invited to the clan in Warframe? Sept 18, 2015 15:37:13 GMT -5
laxxe23: read the rules of the clan, here http://forum.nogcommunity.com/thread/57/clan-warframe-members-list?page=1 and leave your ign in the same thread, oh right make sure you dont have a clan otherwise you will have to leave it so one of us can invite Sept 18, 2015 15:45:49 GMT -5 *
rodtard: wuttup Sept 21, 2015 22:59:21 GMT -5
laxxe23: stuff things more stuff? Sept 22, 2015 5:59:35 GMT -5
Coltsdude1000: lol Sept 26, 2015 19:10:04 GMT -5
DogManDan: hi Sept 27, 2015 10:40:33 GMT -5
laxxe23: hmmm what type of donut would the nog logo be? Sept 29, 2015 13:20:19 GMT -5
DogManDan: a whole one Sept 30, 2015 4:51:17 GMT -5
Coltsdude1000: Been trying out the betas for both Rainbow Six Siege and the new Need for Speed. RSS reminds me of CS:GO with a lot of improvements and the new NFS is actually decent.I don't plan on buy it but from what I have played,this is the best NFS since HotPursuit. Oct 4, 2015 10:58:52 GMT -5
thepunisher: Finaly a new NFS game that has some decent system for car customization :D Oct 4, 2015 12:27:25 GMT -5
thepunisher: You should check it out too, lol http://anonhq.com/anonymous-hacker-trolling-online-bullies-and-blackmailers/ Oct 4, 2015 12:27:46 GMT -5 *
DogManDan: working 11hr shifts overnight for the next 8 days..... should be plenty of fun!! Oct 5, 2015 13:58:19 GMT -5
thepunisher: Guys, everyone who already have the base game of The Crew will be able to do the Beta Testing of the Wild Run :D Oct 6, 2015 4:08:35 GMT -5
thepunisher: Beta is on uplay, still waiting.. Oct 9, 2015 7:09:40 GMT -5 *